Athletic Field Construction


Midstate Site Development has the experience and expertise to furnish you with a complete running track facility from the beginning Phase of design to the final phase of natural or synthetic turf surface installation and professional striping. Your completed facility will have top quality appearance worthy of both school and community pride.

Phase 1: Site work will begin by site clearing and compaction of the cuts and fills. For all types of natural and synthetic turf fields, Midstate can furnish the recommended drainage for the infrastructure, and our utilization of GPS technology can fine grade projects to the highest tolerances.

Phase 2: The installation of a continuous interior collection channel provides all important drainage for running track and field, laser controlled dimension and elevation control, and serves as an interior curb.

Phase 3: Curbing provides a buffer between the running track and the surrounding area. It may be used on the outside perimeter of the track, the D-zone, or to edge asphalt event areas.

Phase 4: The track oval normally consists of an aggregate base course and hot mix asphalt. This will insure proper surface tolerance, slope, and grade.

Phase 5: MSD will take care of locating the event areas. These events include shot and discus throwing, long jump and pole vault, high jump and steeplechase.

Phase 6: Equipment such as pole vault boxes, take-off boards, discus cages and removable curbs can be installed at the time of construction.

Phase 7: A full line of latex and polyurethane-bound running track surfaces is available in a variety of colors and can be customized according to budget and athletic performance requirements.

Phase 8: A CAD system diagram of all markings is produced from computer generated calculations. The markings and stripes are then expertly applied to conform to the requirements of the appropriate governing body.